Every Girl Needs a Male Hero

Stepping into my grandmother’s kitchen with my Sunday’s Best, I hear “Hi beautiful baby! I like your blouse baby. I like the way your nails match your blouse and your shoes baby. I like your necklace and the way you accessorized baby. See I noticed.” No, this wasn’t a creeper. It was my Uncle Gore. Ever since I was a little girl, he has always been someone I looked up to. When I moved from Mississippi to California, when my parents divorced, he became the most influential male in my life. He’s only 10 years older than me, so I consider him more like a brother than an uncle, but it doesn’t matter our age difference and the fact that I’m 20 now, my uncle still calls me his little baby. When he said this to me today, although it was kind of embarrassing, I realized why it is so important for every young girl to grow up with a male hero. If we don’t get the attention we need from our male counterparts at home, we’ll seek it from guys outside of the home and most times these situations turn out to be the worst.

My uncle knows that I recently went through my first heartbreak and that I am still coping with that. He knows how easy it will be for me to go out and seek negative attention from men that don’t mean well for me, so he’s been really giving me extra attention to build my confidence back up. It feels much better to hear these positive things from my uncle or brother rather than guys off the street because I know they mean well. They aren’t looking for something. My uncle and my brother are really showing me the type of man I want in my life the next go-round. Someone who will notice the little things I’ve got done, who will fix my plate when I’m too tired to fix his, who will help me with my hair, make sure I’m eating healthy. I know I’ve got a long ways to go before I can really think about marriage, but these are some of the qualities I have in my brother and uncle that I want my mate to have. I thank God for placing two awesome males in my life to look after me! He knew what he was doing.


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