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Coconut Milk Shampoo

Last night, I got super inspired after taking down 20,000 mini two strand twists in my head. Okay, I’m exaggerating about the mini twist, but it seemed about that much. I decided though, after taking my twist down, I wanted to make my own shampoo. I usually use co-wash, but for about a month I haven’t used any “real” soap. I’ve been out of a job for about a month or two and have been penny-pinching ever since. Anyway, I searched a lot of good recipes for shampoo, but I ran across two I thought I’d try. I blended the two recipes. The recipe I used and the links to the sources are below.

Coconut Milk Shampoo Recipe

1/4 Cup Distilled Water

2/3 Cup Dr. Bonner’s Castile Soap (I used the one made with Organic Oils,so I didn’t have to add any extra oils)

1/2 Cup of Coconut Milk

1 Recycled Shampoo Bottle w/ Top

Price of Shampoo Ingredients

  • Dr. Bonner’s Pure Castile Soap 16 FL Oz $11.79 + Tax (Target)
  • Polar Coconut Milk 13.5 FL Oz Can  $1 + Tax ( 99 Cents Store or Dollar Store)
  • Sparkletts Distilled Water $ 1+ Tax ( Any Grocery Store)

I enjoyed using the shampoo. The Dr. Bonner’s soap lathers very well, so the little I used to mix the shampoo was sufficient enough. Because of the organic oils and extracts in the soap, the shampoo smells less like coconut and more like lavender, which is not what I wanted. The shampoo was also a little runny, so next time I will probably use less water because the milk already liquefies it enough. Other than that, I will definitely do this more often and would like to try to make my own base soap one day.

Here are the links to the sources of my recipes:

Free People: Homemade Coconut Shampoo

Instructables: Homemade (Yummy) Shampoo


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